InLine DisplayPort 1 4 AOC cable active 8K4K black gold 30m

  • DisplayPort 1 4 AOC cable: hybrid cable consisting of 4 glass fibre and 7 pure copper strands< li>
  • Directional signal cable: DisplayPort connector source to DisplayPort connector display < li>
  • Robust metal plugs aramid-protected and TPU coated cable black< li>
  • Max data bandwidth: 32 4 Gb s< li>
  • Supported resolutions: 7680x4320 8K@30Hz - 5120x2880 5K@60Hz - 3840x2160 4K@120Hz < li>
  • Supports 3D HDCP2 2 EDID and other DislplayPort specifications< li>
  • Gold-plated co

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